Como printed fabrics for swimwear


Collections for women, children and men

Lior offers many collections devoted to beachwear, underwear and active wear, through the use of prestigious fibers and printed fabrics for swimsuits in Como.



The collection includes about 250 drawings in four different colors, with the possibility of an additional eight colors, on demand. The company guarantees fast delivery times thanks to the constant availability of color charts ready in the samples. The Swimwear collection is 80% printed on polyamide bases of various weight, construction and appearance, with the possibility to modify and replace the printing bases with other polyamide fabrics or with different polyester qualities. Lior constantly guarantees the search for the best technical results also in terms of resistance, in an optimal quality-price ratio.
Swimwear collections
Classic and sophisticate taste for designs for girls and children. Lior follows the latest trends in the industry and presents designs made of microfiber, polyamide / lycra, with set in cotton voile and 100% polyester for baby / boy boxer shorts. Also available in the cotton poplin. On request, all designs can be made on polyester bases. Lior guarantees unlimited possibilities of personalization with elaboration and development of custom designs and colorings and on the customer's idea.




The Phoenix collection’s drawings are perfectly suited to the active, young, dynamic and sporty woman who never forget the trends and the search for sophistication and the high quality of her clothing.
The Amber woman is sophisticated, refined and attentive to her look. The drawings are also available in set to create out of water and accessories, that make every woman refined and elegant not just under the umbrella.
The most classic soul of the swimwear collection stands out for its larger and more traditional drawings, perfect for women who want a sophisticated and ever-up-to-date look. Also available in set sarongs and beach robes, to always appear at the top, not only on the beach.

The Capri collection turn to man and includes both classic and trendy designs, on 100% polyester bases, they guarantee high quality and aesthetic results at absolutely low prices.
The Vulcano line is a laminated collection made of different fabrics with different color charts. The use of the foils allows a wide and varied choice of subjects and images: stronger and shinier for the man attentive to his image, or more sophisticated textures thanks to the use of light colors with a matt effect for those who prefer a more refined look. The collection also includes animalier and ethnic sheets. Furthermore, the Vulcano line presents a careful selection of transfer drawings, carefully selected from the market offer, to complete the Lior collection and printed with the addition of metallic laminated effects.




Lior realizes two underwear collections a year, each of one with around 90 different proposals. Most of the designs are made on polyester elastomer bases of different weight and composition, perfectly suitable to market demands and any budget . The collection includes exclusive Lior creations and transfer designs made with the addition of foils also on colored textile bases and with the possibility of make it tailored on customer request.
The Lior collection designed and developed exclusively for dance, for rhythmic gymnastics and for sports activities consists of about twenty / thirty proposals. The line dedicated to the Dance and Active Wear sector is young, dynamic, colorful and trendy. They stand out the textures with metallic and holographic laminated effects applied both on monochromatic fabrics and on printed fabrics.


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